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How We Work

You questions, answered

We met many people at the January Wedding Festivals expo at the TD Convention Center in Greenville. We appreciate the great response to our work, as well as the great questions we heard from many of you. We heard a few questions more than once, so we thought we’d address some of the more common questions here about how we work. We serve everyone, and we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you!

My ceremony will be inside a dark church. Will your pictures be clear, and in color?

Cameras today are more capable than ever, and we specifically choose our cameras to match our shooting situations. We use fast, professional-grade lenses for clear images in low light, and cameras capable of delivering great results under demanding conditions. While we do occasionally create black and white images, we do this for artistic reasons, not for technical ones. We don't deliver photos in black and white to mask noise. During a typical service, if permitted and desired, we will often operate three or four cameras (usually some via remote control). We don’t use flash during a service — ever — and place our cameras in discreet locations so as to never interfere with your wedding ceremony. And, of course, we always  discuss our plans with the bride and groom, and the officiant, well before the wedding day.

Do you travel?

Yes! We love destination weddings, and we try to be as clear and transparent about any extra expenses. There is no travel charge for any wedding in Upstate South Carolina — Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, Laurens or Cherokee counties. Beyond that, we charge a flat rate per mile from Greenville city center. For example, a wedding in Asheville would be charged based on approximately 120 miles of travel. For destinations that require overnight stay, we charge the same flat rate per mile, but we ask that the bride and groom provide accommodations. Some of our destination weddings have been in Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA, Sanford, NC and Pawleys Island, SC.

What makes your reception slideshow unique?

Sure, you can put together your own slideshow to display at your reception. But don’t you have enough to worry about? Letting Art in Light handle your reception slideshow has many benefits.

  • We supply the projector and screen; you don’t have to deal with that process. We set it up, and break it down.

  • We optimize the images you provide so they look great.

  • We integrate photos, if desired, from your wedding day and service into the slideshow, so your guests — and you — get to relive the wedding during the reception!

Tell me about prints. Do you still make prints?

Of course, and we use only professional labs to make our prints. We provide images to our clients on a USB stick (with a backup disc — just in case!) but any image can be turned into a professional print. We can do virtually any size, from wallets up to 30x40s and beyond (though, admittedly, a 30x40 is really huge). We offer choices of finishes, too — matte, gloss, lustre and even metallic. And we can also turn images into keepsake objects. We offer a huge variety of options. Some brides even want a Wedding Memories Box — a wooden box filled with 100 to 200 4x6 prints. Display it on a coffee table and get ready for great memories!

Are you available for…

Schedules change quickly. To check availability for your wedding date, give us a call. 

How do we pay you?

We require a nonrefundable deposit — typically one-fourth of the package price — to reserve a date, with the remaining amount due 14 days prior to your wedding. We accept checks and credit cards.